Anand Mahindra, the billionaire entrepreneur and Chairman of the Mumbai-based conglomerate Mahindra Group, has gained significant prominence on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. He is renowned for sharing captivating and motivational content that consistently captures the attention of online users.

In a recent Twitter post, Anand Mahindra extends his admiration towards his close associate and restaurateur Rohit Khattar’s latest culinary venture – Indian Accent. Situated within the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, this newly launched establishment has garnered Mahindra’s enthusiastic commendation.

Applauding the Delhi-based fine-dining establishment’s expansion to Mumbai, Mahindra lauds it as conceivably the nation’s most exquisite and high-end dining venue. Furthermore, he discloses his personal involvement in the venture, indicating that he has invested in the restaurant.

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